Microsoft acquires cloud computing company GreenButton

Posted May 3, 2014

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced it acquired high-performance cloud-computing company GreenButton. Prior to the acquisition, GreenButton had a close-knit relationship with the Microsoft Azure group. GreenButton helps companies that need large amounts of compute power to easily use the cloud to run their workloads without recoding.

GreenButton developed a number of integrations with existing software products that allow them to offload their workloads to the cloud. GreenButton also offers developers an SDK for integrating its services with existing applications.

Based in Wellington, NZ, GreenButton launched as InterGrid in 2006. GreenButton signed an alliance agreement with Azure in 2011. GreenButton also supports HP Cloud Services, OpenStack, VMware, and Amazon Web Services.

Microsoft will no longer sell GreenButton services to new customers. Microsoft will be launching a new service that integrates GreenButton technologies with Azure later this year.