Microsoft Acquires MetricsHub

Posted Mar 5, 2013

Microsoft has announced that they have acquired MetricsHub.  MetricsHub automates cloud performance management and helps customers manage cloud services efficiently.  MetricsHub was one of the participants in the Microsoft Azure Accelerator, which is a three-month accelerator program that the company hosts in collaboration with TechStars.


Now Windows Azure users will be able to use a “pre-release, no charge, version of MetricHub’s Active Active Cloud Monitoring.”  All of MetricHubs paying customers will be converted to a free plan.  The details of the transaction is undisclosed.  MetricsHub has 374 users so the price was likely not that high.

“Cloud solutions are compelling for a variety of reasons ? scale, flexibility and value ? particularly for companies looking to do more with less,” stated Microsoft corporate VP for strategy and business development Bob Kelly.  “However, it?s difficult to understand, monitor and correlate all the application data points that tell you how and when you need to scale your application.”

MetricsHub gives users the ability to scale their service up and down as needed.  The company also offers health and performance monitoring with alerts and notifications.