Microsoft Acquires PhoneFactor

Posted Oct 5, 2012

Microsoft has acquired PhoneFactor as of yesterday.  PhoneFactor is a company that makes multifactor authentication (MFA) solutions.  “The acquisition of PhoneFactor will help Microsoft bring effective and easy-to-use multifactor authentication to our cloud services and on-premises applications,” stated Microsoft corporate VP of Server and Tools Division Bharat Shah. “In addition, PhoneFactor’s solutions will help Microsoft customers, partners and developers enhance the security of almost any authentication scenario.”

PhoneFactor launched in 2001 and has hundreds of organizations as customers that use the logins service.  PhoneFactor makes it easy to rapidly deploy MFA across a wide range of applications.  The service works with several Microsoft products and services like Outlook Web Access and Internet Information Services.

“We are thrilled to join Microsoft and look forward to bringing our secure, cost- effective and convenient authentication solutions to the millions of Microsoft customers, partners and developers around the world,” stated PhoneFactor CEO and co-founder Timothy Sutton.