Microsoft and Skype Gave Calls And E-Mails To The NSA [Report]

Posted Jul 12, 2013

According to The Guardian, Microsoft Corporation and Skype cooperated with the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).  Microsoft gave the spy agency video chat and e-mail content.  The NSA reportedly did not need an individual warrant for each request.

?Collaborative teamwork was the key to the successful addition of another provider to the Prism system,? stated the documents that The Guardian pored over. ?This success is the result of the FBI working for many months with Microsoft to get this tasking and collection solution established.?

Supposedly the NSA had access to pre-encrypted data.  Skype calls that were collected was clear and the metadata appeared to be complete.  Microsoft bought Skype in 2011, but Skype was complying with federal agencies before the acquisition took place.