Microsoft and Verizon’s iPhone Rival Is Code-Named “Pink”

Posted Apr 28, 2009

While I think that competition is always good for the mobile market, I am not a big fan of code names.  We all remember how Vista was code-named Longhorn before the name change and Joost was called The Venice Project beforehand.  But the code name “pink” takes the cake.  “Pink” is supposed to be the code name of a secret iPhone rival project between Microsoft and Verizon.

“Pink” will have a focus on multimedia and will feature a large touchscreen.  The operating system will Windows Mobile with a bunch of tweaks and new software capabilities.  Microsoft themselves will not be manufacturing the phone, but will be working with third party companies.

If I were Microsoft I would highly consider building the “pink” phone themselves because we’ve all seen how much control a company could have by building ecosystems around products they make themselves.  Working directly with other phone manufacturing companies may have its limitations.

This news comes at an ironic time because Verizon is also rumored to be negotiating the iPhone to become available on their network starting 2011.

[via WSJ]