Microsoft Announcement Coming Wednesday: The New Zunes Are Loose!

Posted Oct 1, 2007

As the dust settles at Apple’s headquarters on Infinite Loop in California, left by those pissed off about the iPhone firmware and even from a Fake Kanye, Microsoft is rising from the ashes with new digital player offerings.

It may be a good time for Microsoft’s announcement because of the turn of events at Apple too.  Bill Gates and J. Allard will be announcing the second generation of Zunes.  The new Zune will work similar to flash-based memory and is expected to look similar to an iPod Nano.   Below is an image that I found on Engadget of what the new Zunes are presumed to look like:

And an even better reason for the Zune to be coming out now is because of retail’s peak season.  Generally between November and January, retail stores more electronics and because of a lot of toys getting recalled, electronics as a whole may see increased sales.  This is Microsoft’s opportunity to seize more market-share.  Now its just in the hands of Microsoft’s marketing power.