Microsoft Asks 1,000 Women To Try Out Xbox 360

Posted Jan 2, 2009

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has a very unique way of pushing their products to various audiences.  I’ve heard of them sending laptops to random bloggers and showing people an “upcoming” operating system that turned out to be Vista.  But I think this marketing ploy takes the cake.  Microsoft sent an Xbox 360 to 1,000 women asking for in return to show the console to their neighbors and friends.

Microsoft wants to win the crowd of non-enthused gamers over.  Microsoft sent the console, popcorn, and the Scene It? game.

?We?ve sold 20 million consoles to date globally since we launched three years ago.  In order to get to the next 20 million, we need to get a new audience of women and teens. We?re going after them in ways that are different than ways we?ve done before? stated Heather Snavely, Director of Interactive Entertainment Business Global Platforms at Microsoft.

This promotional strategy was setup in partnership with an organization called House Party.  This organization helps set up parties in the living rooms of about 100,000 brand advocates.  The 1,000 women selected had to take a social networking quiz beforehand to qualify.

[via Slashgear]