Microsoft Bing API Developer Form Has Limits On Company Name and URL

Posted Aug 11, 2009

Microsoft Corporation has supposedly been turning developers away from using their APIs due to the process involved.  Developers that want to access Bing APIs have to fill out a form and a Hotmail ID is required.  The form also has a usability defect that makes it difficult to fill out properly.

Some people have been complaining that the company name is limited to 100 characters and the URL field is limited to 80 characters.  Twitter user jwynia wrote, “The Bing API sign-up form allows 100 characters for company name, but only 80 for website? Isn’t it likely that the company name is in www?”

At the same time, some people don’t mind the process at all and even prefer Bing’s API over Google’s.  Why?  Twitter user dxprog wrote, “Messing around with the Bing API. I’d use Google, but they don’t support image searches with theirs. Wow, Google. You? Behind the times?”

[via InformationWeek]