Microsoft Bing Ends Relationship With

Posted Jan 18, 2011

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has ended their relationship with appears to be offline right now, but when it was up – it asked people to download a plug-in to use it. The plug-in changes your homepage to and installs the Bing toolbar. And bought ad space on MySpace and Facebook.

Google head of search spam Matt Cutts noticed and did an interview with AdAge about it. Microsoft is no longer affiliated with any more. Google has a default search engine deal with Firefox and they are the default search engine for the Apple iPhone.

“Distribution deals and affiliate programs are an important part of how all search engines introduce their product to customers. That said, we have been made aware of some practices from a specific publisher that are not compliant with the guidelines, best practices and principles put in place by Bing. As a result, the relationship with this publisher will be terminated,” said a Bing spokesman in an interview with