Microsoft Blames OEMs For Windows 8 Sales Being Slow

Posted Nov 19, 2012

According to Microsoft blogger and Windows IT Pro magazine editor Paul Thurrott, Windows 8 is now doing so well in terms of sales.  The company is not hitting their targets and supposedly the blame is being put on OEMs and their “inability to deliver.”

News about slow Windows 8 operating system sales also comes from Merle McIntosh, SVP of product management of  Mr. McIntosh said that they were expecting an explosion of sales at the launch of Windows 8, but the sales have been “slow going” thus far.

Mr. McIntosh also said that Windows 8 should not be compared to Windows 7 since that OS came to “solve a Vista problem.”  He said that we can expect Windows 8 to gain traction in Q2 2013 when “pricing normalizes.”