Microsoft has created a prototype for a bra with sensors to detect stress

Posted Dec 6, 2013

Microsoft researchers are working on a smart bra that has sensors to detect the mood of the wearer. Microsoft Visualization and Interaction Research Group research manager Mary Czerwinski is studying how this technology can be used for detecting stress. The bra has embedded electrocardiogram and electrodermal activity sensors along with a gyroscope and accelerometer.

“It’s mostly women who are emotional overeaters, and it turns out that a bra is perfect for measuring EKG,” stated¬†Czerwinski in an interview with¬†Discovery News.

The women involved in the test wore removable sensors with their own bras and data was sent from the sensors to a smartphone application so that women could track their moods.

The idea behind the project is that when users are given feedback about their moods, they can make lifestyle adjustments. For example, signs of stress can lead to overeating.

Microsoft attempted to create a similar project with men’s underwear, but this piece of garment was too far from the heart for it to be effective.

“We will continue to explore how to build a robust, real-world system that stands up to everyday challenges with regards to battery life, comfortability, and being suitable for both men and women,” stated the researchers.

[Source: CNET]