Microsoft Building A Chrome Plug-In That Restores H.264 Support

Posted Feb 2, 2011

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is adding fuel to the fire by announcing that they are building a Chrome plug-in that will restore support for H.264. Google said that they are natively supporting only the WebM video format for the Google Chrome browser. Google said that they decided to support WebM since there are royalties associated with H.264.

?Our point of view is totally clear,? stated Internet Explorer head Dean Hachamovitch. ?Our support for H.264 results from our views about a robust web and video ecosystem that provides a rich level of functionality, is the product of an open standards process like the W3C?s HTML5 specification, and has been free from legal attacks. Microsoft is agnostic and impartial about the actual underlying video format for HTML5 video as long as this freedom continues.?