Microsoft Builds Firefox Add-on For Search Box

Posted Jan 30, 2009

Google Inc. paid a good amount to become the default search engine for Firefox, but that didn’t stop Microsoft Corporation from creating an add-on for the competing web browser.  Microsoft has just created a plugin that adds Windows Live Search to the search box of Firefox and has built-in search suggestions.

“We’re happy to report that we’ve officially integrated Live Search into Firefox by popular demand,” stated Live Search managers Beatrice Oltean and Debapriya Ray.  The add-on uses Microsoft Live Search API 2.0 and is part of a project called Silk Road.

Microsoft Live Search is behind Yahoo! and Google in terms of the numbers of search queries made on a given day.  Microsoft is trying several marketing strategies to take away market share from competitors such as the Live Search Cashback program and building the internal search for Facebook.