Microsoft By The Numbers: 1.24 Billion Hours Of Windows 8 Testing, Available On 1,000 Certified Devices, 670M Windows 7 Licenses Sold

Posted Oct 26, 2012

Yesterday Microsoft officially announced the Windows 8 operating system in New York City.  Microsoft’s president of Windows and Windows Live Steven Sinofsky said that the Windows 8 operating system went through 1.24 million hours of testing across 190 countries.  “No product anywhere receives this kind of testing anywhere in the world,” stated Mr. Sinofsky.

Now users can download and buy Windows 8 for their PCs.  There are over 1,000 certified Windows 8 PCs on the market right now.  “These are the best PCs ever made,” said Mr. Sinofsky.

Microsoft also officially announced the Windows Store, which will be available in 231 markets.  The Windows Store has applications for the Windows 8 operating system and links to existing desktop apps.

When talking about Windows RT, Mr. Sinofsky said that this operating system will support over 420 million peripherals including printers, mice, and keyboards.  Windows RT is an operating system that is optimized for devices that use ARM processors.

During the Windows 8 announcement, Microsoft also announced that they have sold over 670 million Windows 7 licenses, which is the “fastest adoption of any OS ever.”  Microsoft said that this “was the first release of Windows to build on cloud services as a major part of the operating system.”

SkyDrive users store over 11 billion photos on the service and over 550 million documents every month.  They also add 2 petabytes of additional files every month.