Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Said That Windows Phones Will Have Better Names Following Nokia Acquisition

Posted Sep 3, 2013

Microsoft Corporation made a $7.17 billion acquisition of Nokia’s wireless device business yesterday.  Microsoft Corporation CEO Steve Ballmer now believes that Windows Phone devices will have better names going forward.

?I think we can probably do better for consumer names than ?Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 1020,?? stated Ballmer. ?Yet, because of where both companies are and the independent nature of the businesses, we haven?t been able to shorten that. ? Now, we can simplify the overall consumer branding and messaging gets much simpler. That is an efficiency of being one company.?

The name of a device can sometimes make-or-break the sales of a device.  The word “Xbox” is easy to remember and so is “iPod.”  Hopefully Microsoft will come up with some better names for their phones now.  My guess is that it likely will not be called ZunePhone.

[Source: AllThingsD]