Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Said That Windows Will Be On 400M Users In Year One

Posted Sep 5, 2012

Today at the Nokia and Microsoft event in New York, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer decided to say that this is “the year of Windows.”  He event went as far as saying that between Windows Phone 8, Windows tablets, and Windows PCs, we will see the operating system running on nearly 400 million devices.

?We bring a developer platform and the store in a common way to both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8,? stated Ballmer. ?We?ve done a lot of work to standardize the foundation, to give developers across the family of devices the opportunity to monetize their applications in amazing ways.?

?One year from now, between Windows Phone 8, Windows tablets and Windows PCs, we should see close to 400 million new devices running those operating systems.?

Ballmer said that developers that work on Windows is the single largest opportunity available.  He added that ?I?ll bet you right now that the next app developer to hit it really, really big will be a developer on Windows.?

Ballmer believes that the shared code-based user for apps between all of the major Windows platform devices will entice developers to work with them.