Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) drops price of Xbox One in the U.K.

Posted Feb 24, 2014

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is reportedly going to cut the cost of the Xbox One console around three months after it was released. The Xbox One currently sells for $499 and £429 in the U.K. with a bundled game. The console has already been dropped in price to £399 with Titanfall. This price drop only applies to the U.K. as of right now. The new cost puts the Xbox One in line with the Sony PlayStation 4, but the Sony console is still cheaper. The PlayStation 4 costs £349 without a game.

“The reason we’re doing this is that we’re committed to giving gamers the best value that we can,” stated Harvey Eagle, the Xbox marketing director in the UK.

There are industry figures that suggest the PlayStation 4 is outselling the Xbox One by around two-to-one. Around 5.3 million Sony consoles have been sold worldwide. Microsoft claims that they are selling more games though. Titanfall will not be released until March 14th. People that buy consoles with the cheaper price will not be able to play the game until it is released.

[Source: BBC]