Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) inadvertently reveals a Surface Mini is coming

Posted Jun 23, 2014

Microsoft is planning to launch a Surface Mini, according to a user manual that was bundled with the Surface Pro 3. Microsoft started shipping its first batch of the Surface Pro 3 tablet-laptop hybrids last week.

Users that received the device noticed several references to a Surface Mini in the tablet’s manual. Customers that pre-ordered one of two Surface Pro 3 versions both running on Intel Core i5 processors can now pick up orders at any Microsoft store starting on Friday.

At select stores, walk-in purchases are also available depending on inventory. The cheaper version of the tablet costs $1,000 and has a 128GB hard drive. The more expensive version is 256GB in memory and sells for $1,300. The Core i3 model with 64GB storage and the Core i7 model will start shipping this August.

Paul Thurrott, a well-known Windows blogger, first discovered the Surface Mini reference in the user manual for the Surface Pro 3, which was written four times.

The Surface Mini has been rumored for a while and it is expected to be an 8-inch tablet. This puts the Surface Mini in competition with the iPad Mini and similar-sized tablets.

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[Source: TechTimes]