Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) is hitting 500 new apps per day on Windows Phone App store

Posted Jun 23, 2014

Microsoft’s Windows Phone app store has surpassed 270,000 apps and 10 million downloads per day. Windows Phone is growing in popularity and Nokia is working rapidly to develop high-quality apps in the ecosystem.

?For us it?s about making sure consumers can access all the apps they know and love while also offering unique experiences only available with Lumia,? stated Microsoft Mobile Devices general manager Steve Lewis. ?What?s really exciting to see is while top apps like Instagram, Vine, and Halo continue to perform in the store consumers also love our exclusive [Nokia] apps. Whether it?s free navigation services with HERE Drive and HERE Maps, social sharing apps like Nokia Storyteller and Nokia Beamer or the latest in video and camera technology with Nokia Camera and Nokia Refocus, our aim is to deliver a much more personal, unique app experience to Nokia Lumia users.?

There are over 510,000 registered Windows and Windows Phone developers. Those developers are producing apps with a 4.01/5 app rating on average for the top 50.

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[Source: ITWire]