Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) launches new cloud-based service called Azure Machine Learning

Posted Jun 16, 2014

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has launched a new cloud-based service called Azure Machine Learning that enables companies to use data analysis for predicting behavior. The service allows users to build and test algorithms that can predict purchasing patterns and electricity usage. The work can be hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft has been testing the Azure Machine Learning service for around a year and now has around 100 customers testing it out. The new service can be used by anyone. Machine learning is artificial intelligence technology where systems are constructed that automatically analyze and learn from data. A public preview of the service will debut in July.

?Soon machine learning will help to drastically reduce wait times in emergency rooms, predict disease outbreaks and predict and prevent crime. To realize that future we need to make machine learning more accessible,? stated Joseph Sirosh, a machine learning executive at Microsoft.

[Source: TGDaily]