Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Talking To HTC About Using Windows Phone Again

Posted Oct 4, 2013

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is currently in talks with HTC about putting the Windows Phone operating system on their devices that are powered by Android.  Microsoft is going to let HTC license the Windows Phone operating system for a very small cost or none at all, according to sources with Bloomberg.

Microsoft operating system head Terry Myerson talked to HTC last month to have the Windows Phone added as a second option for their phones.  The talks are preliminary and no decisions have been made yet.

HTC has not launched a Windows-based smartphone since June and is not planning on launching anymore.  Microsoft currently has 3.7% of the smartphone market and they will have to make concessions to convince other OEMs to use their software.

After Microsoft bought Nokia, they have sent executives to meet with overseas handset companies to stress their interest in a partnership.