Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Windows Phone Is Hitting 9M Transactions Per Day

Posted Sep 14, 2013

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is now hitting 9 million Windows Phone transactions per day, including app and in-app purchases.  Microsoft is no longer going to wait to receive app sales proceeds from carriers before sending payments to developers as well.

Microsoft generally paid developers once they received payment from carriers.  Often times, this would delay payments by 120 days or more on average for the paid transactions.  Now all transactions through carriers will become eligible for payouts after 30 days.

Microsoft said that Windows Phone developers can earn three times more revenue per active user on average markets where carrier billing is offered.  This feature is currently available in 26 markets right now, according to TheNextWeb.

In terms of advertising, Microsoft said that they have partnered with third-party companies to bring more ads to Windows Phone.  Microsoft Advertising will be making a unique device ID that is not linked to the user or any identifiable information available to third party networks on Windows Phone.  The ID will ensure that the ads users see are relevant.  Windows Phone customers can opt out of targeted ads on Windows Phone through

[Source: TheNextWeb]