Microsoft Creates An Ad-Free Version Of Bing For Students

Posted Aug 21, 2013

Microsoft Corporation has created an ad-free version of their Bing search engine.  This version of Bing can be used at public and private schools in the U.S.  The ad-free version of Bing will also activate an automatic filter that blocks adult content and will have enhanced privacy protections said Microsoft in a statement today.

This service is intended for primary and secondary K-12 schools wit students from ages 5-18.  Schools with over 800,000 students have signed up for this pilot program, including Atlanta Public Schools, the Fresno, California, Unified School District, and Detroit Country Day School.

Schools can still sign up for the pilot, but space is limited. Bing for Schools will also have three learning activities set up every school day that are targeted at kids in different age groups between kindergarten and 12th grade. These activities also use the Bing homepage image of the day to create a question that can be solved using search tools.

?When students use Google for searches in school, they are shown ads that can distract from their studies,? said Microsoft on the Bing for Schools website.  This initiative is part of the Microsoft Scroogled campaign, which focuses primarily on criticizing Google’s search.

Users can also earn credits for their favorite schools through the Bing Rewards program by searching the web from the desktop or mobile devices.

Once 30,000 credits are saved, the school will receive a Microsoft Surface RT tablet.  Microsoft is giving away 60 of the Surface RT tablets per month.  Microsoft wrote off $900 million due to unsold Surface RT tablets earlier this year.

[Source: PCW]