Microsoft Creating A Subsidiary That Focuses On Open Source Projects

Posted Apr 12, 2012

Microsoft Corporation is creating a new subsidiary to focus on open-source projects, open-standards groups, and interoperability initiatives. The subsidiary will be called Microsoft Open Technologies Inc. The company will be formed by the company’s Interoperability Strategy team and it will be led by Microsoft executive Jean Paoli.

Around 50-75 employees will be part of the subsidiary to start off. It is surprising to hear Microsoft’s involvement in the open-source industry because they have been highly criticized in the past for aggressively competing against companies like Linux and Mozilla.

However Microsoft has been broadly participating in the open source market by becoming one of the top 20 contributors to the Linux kernel.

?We believe that the subsidiary will provide a new way of engaging with open-source communities in a more clearly defined manner,? stated Paoli. He said that this effort is about ?bridging Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies.?

Microsoft Open Technologies will be owned by Microsoft and it will have a board of directors that includes executives from the other company’s business groups.