Microsoft Debuts Windows Phone 8

Posted Oct 29, 2012

Today Microsoft Corporation has debuted Windows Phone 8.  Windows Phone 8 is the latest version of the company’s operating system.  Some of the newest features in the phone’s operating systems include Kid’s Corner and Rooms.  Windows Phone 8 devices will be going for sale in November on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon along with carriers and retailers around the world.

?We can?t wait for the world to meet Windows Phone 8, the most personal smartphone there is,? stated Microsoft Windows Phone corporate vice president Terry Myerson. ?Windows Phone 8 comes on a range of phones that are stunning, colorful and unique.?

Live Tiles

Windows Phone 8 users can arrange the Start screen however they want by pinning people, apps, music, games, photos, etc.  There are three sizes of Live Tiles and 20 bright color choices you can choose from like cobalt, crimson, and lime.

Live Tiles can bring in data from apps like the daily Groupon deal of the day, flight information, and news headlines.

Windows Phone Store

The Windows Phone Store now has 120,000 apps for you to choose from.  Hundreds of new apps are being added every day.  Today Microsoft announced that Pandora is coming to Windows Phone in early 2013 with one year of ad-free music.

Kid’s Corner

Kid’s Corner is a way to share your phone with your kids.  This way they can play Angry Birds without texting someone by accident and you will not have to worry about deleting photos, e-mails getting messed up, unapproved purchases, or accidental phone calls.  Parents can activate a specialized placed on the phone for kids to play games with a customized Start screen.


When you want to share and chat with one group instead of your entire social network, rooms will let you create private groups of people that have Windows Phone 8 like family members, friends, or your fantasy football league.  You can chat, share calendars, shopping lists, or photos in an ongoing conversation.

Data Sense

Data Sense is a feature that lets you surf without worrying about going over a data limit.  Data Sense helps you conserve your data allowance by compressing images and defers data tasks to free WiFi by automatically adjusting your usage as you get closer to plan limits.

Wallet and NFC

Windows Phone 8 has new wallet technologies like near-field communications (NFC).  The wallet lets you store your debit, credit, loyalty, and membership card information on your phone.


The Skype app is coming soon to Windows Phone 8.  It lets you make and receive Skype calls like a regular phone call.  All you have to do is tap a friend or family member’s contact card in the People Hub or simply pick up the phone when it rings.

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