Microsoft Does Not Want To Split SkyDrive Revenue With Apple

Posted Dec 11, 2012

Microsoft has been unable to update the SkyDrive iOS application ever since they started to allow users to buy additional storage space.  This is because Microsoft is refusing to pay Apple a 30% share of the in-app purchase for additional storage.  Microsoft is ready to release an update to the app, but Apple is refusing to approve of it because Microsoft is not paying the 30%.  Even if a user signs up for extra storage on their iOS device and then later decided to switch to a Windows Phone or Android phone, Apple would still collect a 30% fee.  Even third-party developers of applications that have SkyDrive integrated as being rejected by Apple too.

Dropbox faced a similar issue with Apple in May 2012.  Dropbox is now preventing subscribers from purchasing additional storage through the iOS app.

[Source: TNW]