Microsoft Executive Craig Mundie To Retire In 2014

Posted Dec 26, 2012

Former Microsoft chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie is becoming the Senior Advisor to the CEO.  ?In this role, he works on key strategic projects within the company, as well as with government and business leaders around the world on technology policy, regulation and standards,? said Microsoft in an updated biography.  Mundie oversees projects at Microsoft Research along with other technical strategy responsibilities.  Microsoft chief technical strategy officer Eric Rudder will fill in for Mundie.  This announcement was made on an internal memo from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on December 14th.

?Over his career, Craig has brought great value to the groups and initiatives he has started and overseen and now brings that wealth of experience to his new role,”  said Ballmer. ?Craig has also been instrumental in building relationships with governments and policymakers around the world.?

Rudder has been taking on Mundie’s responsibilities for the last several months. Mundie will be retiring when he turns 65 in 2014.  Mundie had the role of Chief Research and Strategy Officer since Bill Gates stopped working full-time at Microsoft in 2006.  Gates’ job was filled by Mundie and former Microsoft executive Ray Ozzie.  Rudder has been working at Microsoft for a while and he headed up the Server and Tools division at the company.

[Source: AllThingsD]