Microsoft Gaming Exec Adam Orth No Longer At The Company After Twitter Controversy

Posted Apr 11, 2013

There were rumors that the next generation Xbox will require an always-on Internet connection. Adam Orth, the creative director at Microsoft Studios, poked fun at people that were concerned about the “always-on” Xbox.  The top brass executives at Microsoft did not approve of Orth’s tweets and issued an apology.  Orth appears to have resigned and regrets what happened, according to VentureBeat.

?Sorry, I don?t get the drama around having an ?always on? console,? said Orth in a tweet. ?Every device now is ?always on.? That?s the world we live in.?

Orth was discussing the issue with his friend and senior game designer at BioWare, Manveer Heir.  Even though the comments were public, Orth and Manveer were making fun of each other.  People that reported Orth’s attitude about the matter evidently did not notice the sarcasm in the discussion.  Orth ended up getting into a heated discussion with gamers about his opinions on the matter and made fun of small towns like Janesville, Wisconsin and Blacksburg, Virginia.

When working at Microsoft, Orth was not actually on the next-generation Xbox project.  Orth locked up his account on Twitter: @adam_orth ever since the incident took place.

Orth is not the only employee to shame his employer and get reprimanded because of a tweet. Comedian Gilbert Gotffried was fired from Aflac after making insensitive jokes about the earthquake in Japan. Scott Bartosiewicz, a social media strategist for New Media Strategies, was fired after sending a tweet from the official Chrysler account that insulted Detroit drivers. Employees should take discretion when using Twitter since messages that are sent out can be very public.