Microsoft Hits Revenue Of $21.5 Billion

Posted Jan 25, 2013

Microsoft Corporation announced their second quarter revenues yesterday afternoon.  The earnings report did not reveal much about the Surface or Windows Phone.  Microsoft made $6.38 billion in net income on revenue of $21.46 billion.  The company missed expectations, but their EPS beat analyst consensus estimates.  The company’s online advertising revenue grew 15% driven by an increase of revenue per search.  Microsoft has around $70 billion in cash and equivalents on-hand.  Below are the results:

– Windows Division: $5.88 billion (24 percent increase vs. last year)
– Server & Tools: $5.18 billion (9 percent increase)
– Online Services (including Bing/Advertising): $869 million (11 percent increase and a smaller loss vs. last year)
– Business Division: $5.69 billion (10 percent decrease)
– Entertainment and Devices: $3.77 billion decrease (down 11 percent)