Microsoft Investment In Facebook Giving Hope To Jobster

Posted Oct 27, 2007

“It is actually interesting. Microsoft and Facebook, one thing that they have in common, is they both recruit using Jobster,”
-Jobster CEO, Jason Goldberg.

Jobster Inc., the Seattle, Wash. based company focused on the recruiter-candidate relationship has some high hopes for their partnership with Facebook and Microsoft.  Microsoft and Facebook both recruit candidates with Jobster. 

As a matter of fact, in February 2007, Jobster announced that they will have an official deal with Facebook [Source: GigaOM].  Since the partnership between Jobster and Facebook happened 5 months ago, I have not heard of any major milestones for Jobster. 

According to CrunchBase, Jobster has raised $8 million Series A from Ignition and Trinity, $19.5 million Series B from Ignition/Mayfield/Trinity, and $18 million Series C from Ignition/Mayfield/Trinity and Reed Elsevier.  This brings Jobster’s total investment at $45 million. 

Jobster’s Silicon Valley competitor, Simply Hired has about one-third in funding.  Simply Hired has about $16.5 million in funding.

Goldberg showed his optimism for Jobster on the FOX Business Network.  [Note: the video is down for now, if I get a fixed link, I’ll update this post].