Microsoft Invests In Klout

Posted Sep 28, 2012

Microsoft has made an investment in Klout and has rolled it in as a feature in the Bing Social Sidebar that launched earlier this year.  Bing said that Klout scores will not appear on the sidebar.  Klout data will also be used to help determine some of the people that show up in search results.

Microsoft said “On Bing, we will surface Klout scores and influential topics for many of the experts in the People Who Know section of the sidebar. Klout as a social influence signal in the sidebar will really help customers connect with the right experts on the topics they are searching for.”

There will also be a section called “People You Know” as suggestions.  Below is a screenshot of what Klout will look like on the Bing Social Sidebar.

On your Klout profile, it will show how much your Bing activity has increased in terms of search volume.  Other social services like Foursquare and Quora are already integrated into Bing Social Sidebar.