Microsoft IP Ventures Creates Zignals, A Stock Market Alerts & Chart Tracking Startup

Posted Jun 11, 2008

“The complete absence of personalized service and access to powerful yet usable decision-support tools is often cited by smaller investors as a key constraint on improving the performance of their investment decisions,? stated Pat Brazel, the CEO of Zignals. “This is where we plan to change the status quo. Zignals responds to this need by democratizing trading for the online investor. Microsoft has provided us with the resources and the technology to develop personalized communication services and optimize trading strategies using the yet-to-be-launched Microsoft Solver Foundation technology. The highly intuitive services we are building will open up a whole new world for retail investors who want to maximize the effectiveness of their investment efforts without spending every waking hour peering at screens.”

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) and their IP Ventures team based in Ireland partnered with Pat Brazel, Scott Tattersall, Manresa Partners, and several other angel investors to create Zignals.  Zignals is a stock market analytic online tool that helps investors determine when is the best time to buy or sell stocks.

Through Zignals, users can setup mobile and e-mail alerts for when a stock hits a certain price.  Users can also create charts to monitor trends in price fluctuations.  Zignals was built on Microsoft Silverlight.

The beta of the site launched today. I registered for an account to find out what some of the features include.

The Alert Group feature allows the user to select Fundamental, Intraday, Price, and Volume.  The Intraday Alert Condition allows the user to set parameters of Ask Price Greater Than, Ask Price Lower Than, Bid Price Greater Than, and Bid Price Lower Than.  Fundamental allows the user to set parameter alerts for Earnings Per Share, Market Cap, and New Market Cap.  Price Alerts allows the user to set parameters for EMA crosses, 1 day price changes, 200-day SMA, change in price, price breaks, price gaps, price exceeds, etc.  The user can setup Volume alerts that have parameters revolving around daily volume traded and volume exceeds.

The Historical Test allows the user to track alerts over the last 30-60-90 days.

The charts feature requires the Microsoft Silverlight installation.  Below are screen shots of what Zignals charts look like:

The charts have timeframes that can track stock patterns over the course of one month, one quarter, two quarters, three quarters, one year, and custom.  Users can set trend lines, create resistance and support lines, setup High/Low/Open/Close channels, and set up indicators of different colors.  Example of indicators include Accumulation Swing Index, Chaikin Money Flow, Commodity Channel Index, Linear Regression, Mass Index, Money Flow Index, TRIX, etc.

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