Microsoft Is Being Investigated For Bribery

Posted Mar 21, 2013

Microsoft Corporation is currently being investigated on bribery allegations according to The Wall Street Journal.  The bribery claims are based around the company’s business partners and foreign governments.  The investigation is in early stages and is being conducted by The Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The investigation started after an anonymous tipster that worked at a Microsoft China subsidiary alleges that he or she was told to offer kickbacks to Chinese officials in exchange for signing software contracts with Microsoft.  There are also allegations that Microsoft offered money to officials in Europe, specifically bribing Romanian officials.  There are also allegations that Microsoft used consultants in Italy to funny money to Italian officials in order to secure software contracts.

“We take all allegations brought to our attention seriously and we cooperate fully in any government inquiries.  Like other large companies with operations around the world we sometimes receive allegations about potential misconduct by employees or business partners and we investigate them fully regardless of the source.  We also invest heavily in proactive training, monitoring and audits to ensure our business operations around the world meet the highest legal and ethical standards,” said Microsoft.