Microsoft Kept Quiet When Launching The Surface

Posted Jun 20, 2012

Everyone knows how secretive Apple is when it comes to future product launches, but Microsoft has been notorious for previewing devices long before they arrive on the market. When Microsoft announced the Surface tablet on Monday, a lot of people did not see that coming, including many of the company’s own hardware partners. These same hardware partners were planning to launch their own Windows 8 tablets later this year.

Windows 8 chief Steven Sinofsky made the call to hardware partners on Friday to inform them that they were making a tablet. Then the company officially announced the device on Monday. Not much of a heads-up there. Hardware partners like Acer and Asustek first heard about the tablet on Monday. According to sources with Reuters, hardware partners will be less willing to work with Microsoft. The hardware partners that use Windows 8 would probably aggressively price their tablets against the Surface.