Microsoft Launches Ad Campaign Bashing On Google’s Privacy Policies

Posted Feb 1, 2012

Google has cut down their privacy policies to one single document that covers all of their products and services. They followed that up with a letter to Congress explaining the reasons why they created the new policy, insisting that privacy will still be properly maintained such as refusing to sell user information to advertisers. Frank X. Shaw, the Corporate VP of Corporate Communications at Microsoft, wrote a blog post today saying that the company will be placing a series of ads in publications bashing on Google “to remind people of the alternatives.”

?During the last week or so, there has been a fair amount of discussion about how Google is making some unpopular changes to some of its most popular products,? stated Shaw. ?You can see some of the concerns and worries about lack of choice and so on in these links. When we read the coverage last week, it was clear people were honestly wrestling with the choices that had been made for them and were looking for options or alternatives.?

Shaw said that Google will be making it harder and not easier for users to control data. ?We take a different approach ? we work to keep you safe and secure online, to give you control over your data, and to offer you the choice of saving your information on your hard drive, in the cloud, or on both,? said Shaw.

The Google alternatives include email (Hotmail), search (Bing), documents (Office 365), and browser (Internet Explorer). Check out the Microsoft ad above bashing on Google.