Microsoft Launches New Advertising Campaign: “It’s Everybody’s Business”

Posted Jan 12, 2009

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has a massive advertising budget.  In 2008, they hired Seinfeld as a spokesman, launched an “I’m a PC” campaign, set-up kiosks showing off Windows Vista, and even conducted an experiment that fooled people into thinking Vista was a new product.  Now Microsoft has launched a new campaign called “It’s Everybody’s Business” that focuses on the interviewing executives at other companies regarding how software keeps their business competitive.

“In the end, we want to make sure that customers are aware of the broad range of solutions we offer across CRM, virtualization, business intelligence, unified communications, security, collaboration and everything else that provides real functionality to help everybody make an impact, no matter what their role is in the business,” stated Gayle Troberman, General Manager of Advertising and Customer Engagement Team at Microsoft.

Microsoft is working with companies such as Quicksilver, Coca Cola, Nestle USA, and Method. This campaign has more of a focus on business and technology decision-makers rather than consumers. This is why the “It’s Everybody’s Business” campaign is different from the “I’m a PC campaign.”

Below is a video clip with the “It’s Everybody’s Business” theme:

[via Microsoft PressPass]