The Microsoft Scroogled Campaign Continues

Posted Feb 7, 2013

Microsoft Corporation has relaunched a campaign against Google using the tagline “Scroogled.”  To promote, Microsoft launched ads that highlights how Google uses content from e-mails to deliver ads.

It seems like a lot of people that use Gmail would have already noticed that Google does present you with ads based on the content of your e-mail, but according to a phone survey cited by Microsoft – 70% of the population was not aware of the practice.  The majority of the people that were surveyed disapprove of the practice also.

In my opinion, I believe that the way Microsoft is presenting the information can be misleading.  The message is being molded in a way that people should get upset.  For example if I told you that cookies on Internet Explorer are tracking every website that you are visiting and saving your passwords, you would get mad at Microsoft too.

Microsoft makes it sounds like that people at Google are literally reading your e-mails, but this is not the case.  Google uses proprietary algorithms for computers to scan through a message and provide contextual data without any humans having to read the content in e-mails.

Below are a couple of videos that Microsoft uploaded on YouTube under the “Scroogled” Gmail campaign:

[Source: The Verge]