Microsoft Launches Seadragon iPhone Application

Posted Dec 15, 2008

Microsoft Corporation has released an application for the Apple iPhone platform.  The application is a photo viewing software called Seadragon.  The application has the ability to deeply zoom into giga-pixel sized images.  Seadragon comes with several images attached to the application for testing purposes.  Some of the snapshots that come as part of the application package are from the Library of Congress.

Seadragon utilizes iPhone’s multi-touch capabilities to zoom in and out of the images.  The application also loads images and focuses quite fast.  For multiple image view mode, there is a slideshow view.  Additional images can be added through Flickr and Deep Zoom Content RSS feeds.  Seadragon can also pull photos from Photosynth users.  Currently the application is only available for the iPod Touch and the iPhone.  Whether Microsoft will introduce the application for Windows Mobile or not is a mystery.

Seadragon is available for free at the iTunes App Store.  This is the link for the application: