Microsoft Live Search Maps Enhances With Exporting To GPS, 3D Imagery, and MapCrunching Features

Posted Apr 12, 2008

Microsoft Live Search Maps has added all sorts of intriguing features to their mapping platform.  This should be enough to give Google Maps a run for their money.  However, in my opinion Google Maps and MapQuest have stronger brands.  MapQuest had the competitive advantage of being the first-to-market and Google Maps leverages their search engine dominance to connect places directly to their Map services.

Now that I’ve thrown that out there, I’ll discuss Microsoft Live Search Maps’ new, superior features over Google Maps.  The new features include exporting maps to GPS peripherals, 3D images of select cities, and MapCruncher integration.

3D Imagery
Microsoft currently has 3D images for 4 cities (Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas, and Dallas).  What?  No Seattle/Redmond or Silicon Valley?  Below is an image of Las Vegas (via Virtual Earth/Live Maps blog)

The things that Danny Ocean can do with this feature.  Moving on…

Exporting to GPS:

There are 3 GPS-compatible formats for GPS systems.  The three formats at KML, GPX, and GeoRSS.  KML is an XML-based language created by Keyhole Inc.  Note: Google acquired Keyhole in 2004 for building the foundation of Google Earth and Google Maps.


Below is a sample of applying a seating chart on top of the New York Giants stadium.  Beautiful.

Additional information can be found on the Virtual Earth Live Maps blog.