Microsoft Looking To Bring The Zune To The Living Room As Job Posting Reveals

Posted Apr 2, 2009

A job posting on the Microsoft website reveals the company’s plans for the Zune music player. The job is based in Redmond and the title is Software Development Engineer.

“The Zune team is looking for a qualified software development engineer to help deliver great digital entertainment features into the living room, including on demand music and video,” states the job posting. “Primary responsibilities include development of innovative user interfaces for delivering a rich, deep interactive media consumption experience in a living room environment. Experience with online services API development is a must, product will provide a rich online media experience delivering music and video from the cloud. A passion for UX and digital media is a must.” The software engineer has to have 3 years of C++ and C#.

I recall earlier that Steve Ballmer specifically mentioned that consumers should not anticipate a “Zune Phone.” Instead Microsoft will be focusing on developing software for a wide range of mobile devices. This job posting implies that Microsoft has more of an interest in designing software built around other consumer devices that complement the Zune. What Microsoft means by media consumption in a living room environment is anybody’s guess.