Microsoft Mojave Experiment Proves Vista Skepticism Is Just A Marketing Problem

Posted Jul 27, 2008

In an effort to convince skeptical Vista users that the operating system isn’t that bad, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) conducted a blind taste test experiment called The Mojave Experiment.  The subjects of the experiment was 120 computer users that preferred using Mac, Linux, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.  The 120 subjects were told that they would be able to test out the next Microsoft operating system called Mojave.

Over 90% of the subjects liked Mojave.  Later they found out that Mojave was actually Windows Vista.  The Mojave Experiement will have footage of the experiment on their website next week at:

If the experiment went so well, why isn’t the consumer version of Vista getting the same type of fanfare?  The subjects were probably not subjected to activities such as having to find drivers, application compatibility, and the much-hated user account controls according to HotHardware.

Another Microsoft marketing experiment conducted last month was called I’m Talkathon.  Microsoft promoted using Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail in the name of philanthrophy with a fake character named Parker Whittle.

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