Microsoft Now Getting Royalties From Aluratek and Coby For Android Tablets

Posted Jul 10, 2012

Microsoft will now be collecting royalties from two more companies that build products running on Android and Chrome operating systems. The two companies are Aluratek and Coby Electronics.

“Microsoft has licensed more than 70 percent of all U.S. Android devices,” said Microsoft officials.  Aluratek makes Android tablets, e-readers, and digital picture frames.  Coby makes Android tablets, netbooks, and e-readers.

Microsoft claims that Android and Chrome violate a number of unspecified patents and companies that choose to build products around Android are taking a risk.  This is how they convinced several Android and Linux based device companies to pay royalties rather than fight back.  Some of those companies include HTC, LG, Samsung, TomTom, General Dynamics, Amazon, Buffalo, Compal, and Velocity Micro.

Barnes & Noble refused to sign a patent deal with Microsoft for a while, but ended up making a deal anyway.  Microsoft ended up investing $300 million into a new joint venture with Barnes & Noble as part of a settlement.