Microsoft Announces Office Remote To Control Documents From Your Windows Phone

Posted Nov 18, 2013

Microsoft Research has announced that they have launched the Office Remote for Windows Phone on the Windows Phone Store.  The desktop add-in from the Microsoft Download Center is also now available.  The Office Remote app lets you turn your phone into a smart remote that can interact with Microsoft Office on your PC.  This app lets you control Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from across the room. This way you can walk around freely during presentation.

Using the app, you can start your PowerPoint presentation, see speaker notes, advance the slides, and control an on-screen laser pointer from your phone.  The app can also be used for navigating between Excel worksheets and graphs.  You can scroll through a Word document quickly.

Below is a list of things that the app can do:

– PowerPoint: Large, easily accessible buttons on the phone enable you to start a presentation, advance slides forward or backward, view thumbnails and jump to a particular slide, access speaker cues while viewing the presentation time and the progress of slides, and deliver accurate, non-shaky direction with the on-screen laser pointer.

– Excel: Simple gestures enable jumping not just between spreadsheets and graphs, but also among any named objects. Spreadsheets can be changed with a mere finger swipe, and navigation is available through rows or columns. In addition, you can use PivotTables or filters and change zoom levels, all with an Office Remote-equipped phone.

– Word: Zoom control is available in this application, as well, and Word docs can be scrolled by screen or by line.

[Source: TNW/Microsoft Research Blog]