Microsoft Patents An Augmented Reality Glasses Product

Posted Nov 23, 2012

Microsoft Corporation is working on their own augmented reality glasses product as revealed in a patent application that was published today.  Microsoft is slightly behind Google since Google already built a working prototype and may even commercialize Google Glass by next year.

However Microsoft’s patent application is not intended to be used during the day as you are walking around.  Instead, Microsoft’s glasses are intended to be used on live events like sports events or concerts.  Microsoft’s glasses will beam text and audio overlays to the action that is happening on the field.

Development of Microsoft’s glasses should be easier than Google Glass since the user will be relatively stationary when using them.  Google has to account for people walking around and pulling up augmented reality data in real-time when using Google Glass.  Microsoft filed the patent for their glasses product in May 2011 so the company may have advanced the development since the prototype was launched.