Microsoft Pays $25 Million For Exclusive Rights To GTAIV Add-On The Lost and Damned

Posted Feb 19, 2009

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is really opening up their wallet to beef up the market share for Xbox 360.  The 360 exclusively gained the rights to The Lost and Damned add-on for Grand Theft Auto IV.

The Lost and Damned is only available in the Microsoft Xbox Live Internet service for $19.99.  In the Lost and Damned, players assume the role of Johnny Klebitz, VP of a New Jersey motorcycle gang called the Lost.

Take-Two Interactive revealed the Microsoft investment during an earnings call in 2007.  Was the $25 million worth it?  Check out this review done by the NYT:

?The Lost and Damned? suffers from a few curious and unfortunate design decisions ? players often have less freedom than in the original ? that will probably prompt most to return to the original game after completing the new episode?s main story. But there is no question that it is the most fully realized, thoroughly produced and substantial downloadable add-on yet released for a console game. Anyone who enjoys Grand Theft Auto IV should get it.”

Perhaps it was worth it because hard core gamers already knew ahead of time that Microsoft bought the rights to the extra content.  This lead to additional sales of the Xbox console.  GTAIV sold 1.8 million copies for the Xbox 360 within the first 5 days.