Microsoft Plans On Launching An Avatar Store For New Xbox Experience

Posted Oct 29, 2008

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) plans to launch an “Avatar Store” sometime next spring.  This will allow XBox users to purchase brand name clothing and jewelry for their avatars.  The New XBox Experience will be launching on November 19.

Robin Burrowes, a product manager for XBox Live reported this news to  Robin believes that there is potential for fashion brands to launch new clothes through the Avatar Store.  Some of the goods in the Avatar Store will be available as part of in-game achievements such as a Guitar Hero guitar for the avatar.

The pricing model for avatar goods are being discussed as of right now.

“There’s a whole creative canvas for these things,” stated Burrowes.  “Due to tight time lines there’s nothing at launch as such but our vision for these in the future is well and truly tied to game releases and us working with publishers very closely to encourage rewards from those games to be tied to your Avatar.”