Microsoft Releases A Clip Of How Future Technology Will Drive Productivity [VIDEO]

Posted Oct 27, 2011

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has released a video of how technology is expected to evolve in 5-10 years based on trends that researchers and engineers are seeing. This is a follow-up to a video that Microsoft released in 2008 called “Microsoft 2019.” When the video opens, a woman walks out of an airport and she is wearing special eyeglasses that translates audio into English in real-time. A thin screen on a car then highlights a passing building to show where her meeting will be the next day. The bellhop at the hotel is informed when the guest will arrive and what her preferences are.

?We see an expanded definition of productivity where it?s not just about getting things done,? stated Microsoft director of envisioning David Jones. ?It?s also about doing the right things, and doing them well and enjoying the process with other people in a very natural way.? Check out the video below: