Microsoft Releases Kodu Game Lab For Download

Posted Jul 2, 2009

Microsoft Research has developed a platform called Kodu Game Lab.  The Kodu Game Lab allows users to create XBox 360 LIVE games for download.  Kodu is supposed to be easy to use that even a 12 year old girl was able to create a game in a demo.  As of right now there is a free trial version of a Kodu Game Lab available for download.  The full version costs 400 Microsoft Points ($5).

Below are some of the details about the new video game creation software:

– Developer: MSR Kodu
– Game Rating: Unrated
– Genre: Family
– Players: 1-4
– Co-Op: 2-4
– HDTV 1080p
– Custom Soundtrack
– Only Multiplayer: 2-8

[via PCW]