Microsoft Releases On{X} App For Android

Posted Jun 5, 2012

The Bing Mobile team at the Microsoft Israel research and development center has launched a new beta app and website to remotely program their phones. The app is currently available only on Android phones. It is easier for Microsoft to release apps on Android because of the less strict security model. This allows them to make early stage tech previews. The product is called on{X}, which is pronounced like “onyx.”

on{X} allows developers to program their phones using JavaScript programming interfaces and pre-made templates so respond automatically to certain triggering events. Like if someone walks into their office, they can be shown their day’s schedule. Or if they leave their office, their phone can be programmed to remind them to check a grocery list. The app utilizes the GPS and accelerometer features built in modern smartphones.

The on{X} app app is available on the Google Play app store and it is not the first app from Microsoft o be released on Android phones. Other apps Microsoft has on Android include OneNote Mobile, Lync 2010, and a Bing Search app.