Microsoft Reports Q1 2013 Revenue Of $16.01 Billion

Posted Oct 22, 2012

Recently Microsoft announced their Q1 2013 revenues of $16.01 billion.  This was below Wall Street’s expectations at $16.5 billion in sales.  The net income of the company dropped by 22% to $5.31 billion as Microsoft prepares for major hardware and software releases in a few weeks ahead.

Windows has been lagging in the months before the release of the Windows 8 operating system.  The Windows and Windows Live division fell to $3.24 billion, which is a decrease of 33% compared to where they were one year ago.

The problem is that the demand for Microsoft is that the demand for PCs have been declining.  Worldwide PC shipments fell 8% in the third quarter as consumers wait for the next version of Windows, which will be released on October 26th.  Microsoft’s business division grew 1% to $5.50 billion in Q1.  Microsoft’s business division includes Microsoft Office.

Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division dropped 1% and hit $1.95 billion in revenue.  Microsoft certified over 1,000 systems for the new operating system, which includes tablets, ultrabooks, AIOs, and desktops.